Things you need to know before you do wholesale Program in Rosewholsale ?


For any inquires about individual order , pls kindly contact submit a ticked through this link:


How do I go about in signing up with the whokesale program?

1.You have account in Rosewholesale

2.Your order amount in total over $250.

  1. For order amount from $200-500, we will provide 10% off coupon plus giftcard for wholesellers. For the order amount over $500, you could send back the link of the items and the quantity you will place, we will provide exclusive price for you!


Do we do Droppshipping and how to do?

Yes. We do Droppshipping. You just need to send your email address registered and we will set is as Droshipping account and 10% code for you.

Pls note that we do not provide custom logo on your packages. If you are really wanna move on to the customized logo on your packages, your order amount should be over $2,000.


Could we provide XML Integration or CSV.File in Catologue?

Yes for XML and CSV.File.XML file example:

CSV.File example(Contact if you need the wholes sheet):

We have attributes like Unique Merchant SKU, Product Name, Product Description, condition, Original Price, Stock Availability, Product URL, Image URL, mpn , Manufacturer, gender, Age Range, size color, shipping rate, shipping_weight, Current Price,sale price effective date, additional_image_link, Category Name


How do we know if an product is out of stock?

You could integrate through XML file. Usually out of stock items will not be listed on our site. In XML fiel, the Out of stock items will disapper from your site either. And of customers have selected out of stock items, we could replace items for the customers or refund the money.


How can we get watermark free images?

Yes. But temporarily, we do this manually. We do not have API to export our images. You could select the link of the items that you want for the images. And we could send the images for you.


Could we go for fixed price range?

Sorry that we could not fixed price range for all products. You could select the sku you want. And I could set it for you. Outside of the 100 skus, we could not control.


Where does the goods shippped from?

The goods were shipped from China.


How is the delivery Time?

Delivery time= Processing time(3-5 business days)+ Shipping time

Shipping time varied with shiping method AND destination:

  1. Expedited Rate Shipping: 7 – 15 business days
  2. Standard Rate Shipping: 12 – 20 business days
  3. Flat Rate Shipping: 15 – 30 business days


How is the Return Policy?

30 Day Returns Warranty

For more details, you could check














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