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“The pictures of products on Rosewholesale looks so good, it’s really ture?”, In this Rosewholesale reviews,we can found that some Consumers worry about the picture of products is better than the physical goods on the Rosewholesale, Consumers are afraid that website take a good image to deceive them. Is Rosewholesale a scam?

Today, let’s talk about the this problem of Rosewholesale. Actually,You do not have to worry about the difference between buyers and sellers show on the Rosewholesale. Because maybe there is a little difference between buyer’s show and Rosewholesale pictures, but not a shocking difference. Yes, I’m sure.

Here are several points to prove it is right :

1.Rosewholesale buyer’ show.

Customer reviews is a good feedback to Rosewholesale. Rosewholesale has a program named buyer’s show to collect Rosewholesale reviews, in this program ,buyers can upload their photos with Rosewholesale product to comment page.These pictures are all real consumer photos,they like Rosewholesale due to it can provide high quality but cheap clothes. Let’s have a look at several sets of beautiful buyer’s show.

 Picture on Rosewholesale    vs    Buyer’s show

vs1 vs2 vs3 vs4

2.Buyer’s reviews, all these Rosewholesale reviews from real customers on

3.Rosewholesale photographer team-you get what you see.

Before 2016, the photos of products and ads on Rosewholesale are from their suppliers. Getting the feedback of customer reviews that what they get is different from the pictures, Rosewholesale decided to make a change. From early 2016, Rosewholesale have their own professional photographer team.The token Photos by the photographer team are the same as those physical goods,from the supplier. Ensuring the products that arrived to consumers are as the same as the photo token by the photographer team.

At last, pls be kindly to online picture, some products will be a little different from the picture due to lighting problems. If you do mind ,Rosewholesale, can give you unconditional refund, so don’t worry the after-Sale problems .If you have any problems and reviews about Rosewholesale, you can contact them at their support center 。


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