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SHENZHEN, China, July 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/

Rosewholesale has learned from its sister site TwinkleDeals that customer service is the number one factor in the development of one business. Over the past several months, Rosewholesale has been monitoring customer reviews and feedback to launch an overhaul on many features. Now Rose would like to announce features that are now active and those that are coming in the next few days and weeks.

To better the shopping experience, Rosewholesale has redesigned the front end for better fluidity and ease of use. Previously when customers would be in their shopping cart there was no option to go back to the previous page or continue shopping. Customers would end up taking a long time looking before realizing they had to use the back button, the new website design fixes this by adding a continue shopping button. The “continue shopping” button will redirect you to the previous page.

Rosewholesale has tens of thousands of items with inventory constantly being added and changed. It can be a nightmare to sift through the website to find clearance items. In the past there was no clear clearance section.  Today there is clearance product filters set up to find all products in any category that is on clearance.

Worrying about purchasing the wrong sized product and dealing with a foreign retailer is now a thing of the past. Rosewholesale has hired a direct customer service team to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers who receive the wrong size are encouraged to get in contact with the company after sale to get an immediate resolution. The return and exchange policy is valid for thirty days after receiving the product.

The updates to Rosewholesale do not stop there. Currently the company is in development of new features and functions to be released very soon. The biggest update to come will be an overhaul of the mobile site. Currently mobile users are missing the ability to view points, add/edit email subscription and more. Rosewholesale engineers are looking to bring the most demanded full website features to the mobile site in the coming months.

Logistics are a concern for all parties. Rosewholesale understands customers want to track their packages in real time. In the next few days Rosewholesale will be launching a new logistic feature in package tracking. Customers will be able to login to Rosewholesale and see the status of their order and where it is.

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