Rosewholesale reviews| How Does Rosewholesale Solve Your Issue About Sizing?

Rosewholesale review: what you need to know.

Rosewholesale is a leading international online fashion clothing store. Focusing on focus on fast fashion with wholesale price. If you are interested in rosewholesale products, and have some issues about the size of the clothes or shoes. Here are some suggestions for you about the size of the shopping on rosewholesale.

Suggestion 1: How to choose the size of the product?

Rosewholesale customer reviews: “the size chart is simple, i can’t convert the data easily.”

When place a order on rosewholesale, check the size chart of each product and review the product’s measurements in the size chart under product information carefully. You need to choose the item size according to your own measurements (in inches or cm). In order to help customer convert the size data easily, rosewholesale added size conversion chart besides the size chart, and converters .description

Suggestion 2: If you do not know the precise of your own measurements, how can you do?

Rosewholesale customer reviews: “i choose a larger size than my usual size, it’s still small.”

Don’t choose your size casually. Rosewholesale’s clothes are made in china, the size is different from your own county. If you do not know your own measurements, you can ask your friends or family members to help you to measure it.

Suggestion 3: What should I do if Rosewholesale sent me the item in correct size however it does not fit me?

Rosewholesale customer reviews: “i choose the right size, but it’s a little tight for me”

If you choose the size according to the size chart, but the cloth does not fit you. In this case, you can contact the customer service of Rosewholesale, and after confirming your issue. Rosewholesale can reship a new correct size product to you for free or refund the money to you, and you can just keep the wrong size product as a gift.

Suggestion 4: If you choose the wrong size of the product by accident, what can you do?

Rosewholesale customer reviews: “i choose the wrong size, and the return shipping fees is expensive, any good solution for me?”

If you choose the wrong size when you place the order, and after you receive this product, it does not fit you. You can also contact the customer service of Rosewholesale, Rosewholesale will try their best to help you about the any issue that you met. After checking the detail of your issue, you can return the product to the Rosewholesale to change the correct size. Or you can pay part of money, then the Rosewholesale can reship a new correct size one to you.

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    1. Yes, you can , but in this case you have to cover the shipping fees to return the items. This cost is not refundable. they have 2 adresses for returning, one in china, another one in USA. you should contact rosewholesale customer service for more information.

  1. To view your clothing items was a tedious process because items you get to check the size or order will put you on the first page to make your next selection where you will have to start all over again viewing grommets the beginning items you have already should make shopping easier to a coustomer.please reorganize the page and give us an easier option to access your next page automatically without going to this hassle. thanks.

    1. Dear Samieh

      I’ve transferred your advice to RoseWholesale Operating Team. They will add a size chart beside the size option. It have been in their schedule and will take some time. If the new function is launched i will inform you asap.
      Thank you for your feedback about RoseWholesale. RoseWholesale send a coupon to you RoseWholesale account, pls check it. if you have any reviews or tips for RoseWholesale, pls feel free to leave comments here.

      RoseWholesale Reviews Blog

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