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All the following reviews from a youtube video. This video hold the idea that rosewholesale is a scam, and we should alert it. But is it right? Is rosewholesale really a scam site? It seems not that.

Jerry Hall leave this comment 1 month ago

I placed an order on Rosewholesale on July 10.   After submitting my payment, I visited the Facebook site and read the reviews from purchasers.  I was regretting my purchase based upon these reviews.  Not only was I scared about the product, but also the shipping time.  I figured that if I never received the product, or I received a bad product and did not receive a refund, I would complain to Paypal and get a refund.  The order was shipped out 3 days later on the 13th, and it was scheduled to be delivered by USPS on the 23rd (10 days was not so bad, especially since I did not pay for expedited shipping).  I received a text on the 22nd saying it was in town and scheduled to be delivered on the 22nd (a day earlier).  This still didn’t comfort me as I was–based upon reviews I had read–going to receive a product that looked like the one in their website photos.  I received my purchase this morning and examined the product.  I immediately tried them on see if they fit (so many users complain about this) and they did.  One of the shirts was a little too small, but I have a friend who can wear it (early Birthday present).  As with all my new shirt purchases, I take them to the cleaners to have them pressed and starched, and once this is done, I believe I have made a great choice.  The only problem I had is the color of the items.  On the website, the colors look vibrant and colorful and in real life they are more muted; I presume this is due to the bright lighting they use to photograph the items.  Would I ever purchase from them again?  Spending two weeks reading bad reviews and comments from unsatisfied customers while waiting on my product was very depressing; and I don’t care to put up with that again.   However; if I’m not rushed to receive my order and think about the great prices, I might order again.

stewart brown leave this comment 3 months ago

Not a scam, just really long shipping, I’ve bought 3 items in 2 orders and recieved everything, but it took 2-3 months for me to recieve the parcels.

The dialogue of the video owner and viewersdialogue

There are both negative reviews and positive reviews about rosewholesale. Want to prove that rosewholesale is not a scam, so i just post several positive reviews. maybe rosewholesale did sth wrong before, but they have improved greatly as far as customer service, improved websitem,and not cheating and scamming their customers.

All these reviews from the video:

The above comment from the video owner, and i have the same question, “what’s your thought?”. Do you have any reviews and complaints about Well, Welcome to and leave your comments.


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